What Is Cervical Subluxation?

What Is Cervical Subluxation?

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Subluxation is a chiropractic term that refers to a misalignment of the vertebrae, generally of a minor nature. The cervical vertebrae are the vertebrae in the neck. A cervical subluxation is simply a technical way of saying a misalignment of a vertebra in the neck.


Subluxations, cervical or otherwise, can have a number of causes, including trauma from an automobile accident, falling, poor lifting techniques and bad posture.


Cervical subluxations can produce symptoms ranging from migraines to tingling, insomnia and changes in balance.


In essence, a vertebra that is not properly aligned with the other vertebrae creates tension on or stretches the nerves in the spinal cord and the nerves around the spine. This increases the likelihood that nerve signals will not be transmitted properly.


The presence of a subluxation may be inferred by a chiropractor based on the symptoms that present themselves, but diagnosis can only be confirmed through evaluation of x-rays taken of the neck.


Chiropractors can correct the subluxation through a manual adjustment and exercises to be followed at home. For cervical subluxation, a specialized instrument may be employed to make the adjustment, and traction may also be employed as part of the regimen.


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