How to Calculate Weight Lifted With Pullups

How to Calculate Weight Lifted With Pullups

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The pullup is a simple strength-training exercise that uses your body weight. Unlike pushups, which only use a fraction of your weight, pullups lift 100-percent of your body weight. For an extra challenge, you can use additional weights as well as your body weight. When you calculate the weight lifted, make sure you add the extra weight to your own.

Step 1

Weigh yourself on a bathroom scale. This will be the weight of your pullup unless you add additional weight.

Step 2

Add up the weight of any weights you are adding to your body. For example, if you wear a 20-pound weight vest and two 2-pound ankle weights, then you would have an additional 24 pounds in weight.

Step 3

Add any additional weights to your body weight to get the total weight of your pullups. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds and you add 24 pounds of additional weight, then you are lifting 224 pounds total.


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