The Best Scabies Treatment

The Best Scabies Treatment

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Scabies is a parasitic skin infection that causes a rash on specific areas of the body. Elbows, groin areas, breasts, arm pits, and the webbing of toes and fingers are the most likely regions to be affected. Some children can get scabies on their face, which makes applying treatment cream more difficult. There are both prescribed medications and natural remedies that cure scabies.

Permethrin Cream

The best medicinal treatment is Elimite cream, which contains five percent permethrin; however, this medicine is only available through prescription. To apply Elimite, take a cool shower and dry off completely. Spread cream from your head to the soles of your feet. Be sure you massage it in well prior to putting on clothes. Do not take another shower for eight to 14 hours. You will see a difference after a couple of days, however, the itchiness may not stop for another month or so.

Natural Cures

There are several natural cures used to cure scabies symptoms. Neem oil is extracted from the plant Azadirachta indica, and with its natural pesticide properties, it has shown great success at killing scabies. Pour 100 ml of oil into a cool bath and soak for fifteen minutes. Mix 50 ml with antiseptic cream and spread over rash. Likewise, lavender oil is a popular scabies cure. Pour a generous amount on your body and allow to absorb. Witch hazel and tea tree oil is another mixture. Blend 10 ml of tea tree oil with 90 ml of witch hazel and apply after a shower.


Scabies takes a toll on the body's immune system as well. Boost your immunity by taking daily supplements of 50 mg of zinc, 1,000 mg of primrose oil, two garlic capsules three times a day, 1,000 mg of kelp, and one goldenseal capsule. Apply the goldenseal to the affected area along with aloe vera and calendula salve. Drink a lot of water to clean out toxins. Eat a well balanced diet. Try to take naps during the day, because the mite is more active at night, which makes the itchiness the worse. The process of getting ride of scabies in tenuous. Remember to rid your home of them as well by cleaning, vacuuming, and washing clothes. Family members should be treated, because the mite is so contagious.


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