How to Make Twins With Fertility Pills

How to Make Twins With Fertility Pills

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Several factors can affect your likelihood of conceiving twins. If you have a history of twins in your family or already have twins, you're more likely to conceive twins. Fertility treatments, including fertility pills, can also increase your chances of having twins.

Make an appointment with a fertility doctor or your obstetrician. Discuss your desire to have twins with your doctor, and listen to his recommendations. Most doctors will advise against taking fertility pills unless you have trouble conceiving altogether.

Know that fertility pills carry with them a bevy of side effects, including risk of ovarian cysts and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. It has also been shown that fertility pills may lead to a greater chance of getting ovarian cancer.

Be aware that twin pregnancies and deliveries carry more complications. Women who carry twins are more likely to experience discomfort, premature labors and postpartum depression. Twin babies are also more likely to be born with lower birth weights than single babies. In addition, it is more likely that you will need to give birth via cesarean section if you have twins.

Take your fertility pills exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Never alter your dose in an effort to increase your chances of twins. Doing so can lead to severe side effects.

See your doctor regularly to monitor the results of the fertility pills. It is recommended that you do not take fertility pills for an extended period of time. Talk to your doctor about how long you should take the pills if you do not see early results.


  • It is recommended that you gain a small amount of weight, if you are attempting to conceive twins. Women who have slightly elevated body fat percentages tend to have twins more often than those with normal body fat. Eat yams. Yams, particularly cassava root, have been shown to increase ovulation, thus increasing your odds of having twins. Women who are breastfeeding are also more likely to conceive twins. If you already have a baby, continue breastfeeding your child while you are attempting to conceive twins.


  • Be aware that fertility pills can be harsh on your body. Fully discuss the possible side effects with your doctor before taking the pills. Most doctors will not provide patients with fertility treatments unless they absolutely need them. If you are seeking fertility pills simply to increase the likelihood of having twins, it is unlikely that a doctor will prescribe you the pills.


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