How to Get a Flat Stomach During the Winter

How to Get a Flat Stomach During the Winter

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The cold weather might deter you from exercising outdoors, and the delicious holiday treats may entice you to eat more, making it a challenge to get a flat stomach during the winter. But there are plenty of indoor exercise options to help you lose fat and tone your abdominal muscles. Top them off with a healthy eating plan and an eye on your calorie consumption and you'll be able to get a flat stomach in the winter.

Wintertime Exercise

Step 1

Engage in 150 to 300 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each week throughout the winter season to lose excess weight, including belly fat. Take your cardio exercise routine indoors until the temperatures warm up by exercising at home or in the gym.

Step 2

Try new outdoor activities to burn calories and lose weight, including excess stomach fat. If you usually walk, try snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing. Dust off your old ice skates and go skating, take downhill skiing lessons or go sledding with the kids.

Step 3

Strength train three to four times per week in the wintertime to build muscle mass and increase metabolism to help your body burn calories more efficiently. Do all-over strength training exercises for at least 20 minutes per session.

Step 4

Tone your abdominal muscles for a flat stomach by including strength-training exercises that target the abs. Perform planks, seated trunk rotations and hay bailers to work your abdominal and oblique muscles.

Step 5

Consider continuing with your usual outdoor exercises. Wear warm clothing and footwear for a winter walk or jog. Dress in layers you can easily peel off as you warm up. Select clothing that's made to wick moisture away from your skin as you exercise

Smart Wintertime Eating

Step 1

Lose 1/2 to 1 pound per week by cutting your calories by 250 to 500 per day. Avoid dipping below 1,200 calories if you're a woman and 1,400 calories if you're a man.

Step 2

Keep healthy foods on hand and consume balanced meals consisting of lean proteins, whole grains, fresh produce and lowfat dairy. Carry healthy snack options such as sliced veggies or fresh fruit with you for those days when the office is loaded with holiday treats that you want to avoid.

Step 3

Plan ahead for wintertime and holiday parties so you can indulge in your favorite treats. Remain on track all week with your eating leading up to the special occasion. Peruse the food selection at the party, choosing small portions of your favorites to enjoy so you don't feel deprived. Get back on track the next day with your healthy, calorie-reduced diet.

Step 4

Drink eight to 10 glasses of water daily to avoid dehydration masked as hunger.

Step 5

Enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two at parties and special occasions, but limit your consumption as the sugars and carbohydrates in most alcoholic beverages can sabotage your weight-loss efforts by filling you with extra calories.


  • See your physician before embarking on any new weight-loss or flat-stomach exercise plan to ensure it's the right plan for you.
  • Take a walk on your lunch break at work to burn some calories and get out in the sunshine to get a natural dose of vitamin D, which can help keep your metabolism up.


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